Wide Selection of Sheet Metal Forming Machines

Machines especially suitable for aluminium processing from Maschinen Wagner.

We offer CNC aluminium milling machines, aluminium sawing machines and other machine tools for the machining of all non-ferrous metals, especially aluminium.
With the bar machining centres / bar machining machines in travelling column design for aluminium milling, there are many possibilities for aluminium machining from individual production to series production.
Possible applications would be e.g: Machining of aluminium profiles for window frames, façade construction, aluminium machining for door frames, machine components, production of sleeves/ attachments/ bushings, thread attachments, application in medical technology, milling of front panels and housing machining.

Aluminium milling machines

Profile machining centres / profile machining lines

The 3- / 4- or 5-axis profile machining centres are particularly suitable for profile machining of aluminium, STEEL, PVC and light alloys (aluminium composites). 

In the AIM series, two (identical/different) workpieces can be machined in one machining cycle. This results in time savings during loading and unloading.

In the P series, the electrospindle of the head is mounted on a 4th or 2nd (model P 527) numerical axis, which makes it possible to machine all angles between 0° and 180° of a profile.
It is equipped with a tool magazine with 8 stations (model P 527 10 stations) positioned in the centre of the machine, which allows a quick change from any position of the head during work.

Bar machining centres in moving column design

The 4-axis bar machining centres BFM 580 and BFM 580 A provide a compact design and a working length of up to 6,000 mm (x-axis). The Wagner BFM bar machining centres are particularly suitable for a wide range of profile machining operations such as milling, drilling or thread cutting of aluminium, plastic and thin-walled steel profiles.

Area of application e.g. window profile production, machining of window profiles, façade construction or door construction.

Aluminium circular saws

Single-head saws / Aluminium sawing machines

Circular saws for aluminium and non-ferrous metals with one head (single head) are particularly suitable for processing profiles and plates or beams.

The WAK TL HA series provides semi-automatic single or serial cuts in underfloor construction. The material to be cut is clamped vertically on both
both sides and is adjustable. The mitre cut adjustment is infinitely variable in 20° - 90° - 0° or as model WAK TL HA 90° at 90°.

The WAK TL A version runs as a fully automatic mitre cut saw for 90° degree cuts on non-ferrous metal profiles and solid material. It is particularly suitable for profiles and beams that are required in different cutting lengths or different quantities.

Double head aluminium circular saws

Double mitre saws with 2 heads (1 fixed head and 1 movable head) especially for processing aluminium profiles. For straight and mitre cuts from 45° inwards to 22,5° outwards including intermediate angle.

The KD series is designed for the use of carbide saw blades of Ø 400 mm. The double head is manually guided and aligned.

The DC series runs with carbide saw blades of Ø 420 mm. For straight and mitre cuts up to 45° inwards and intermediate angles.

The PCC series is a 5-axis cutting centre specially designed for serial cutting of all types of aluminium profiles. It enables the cutting of a bar into sections of different sizes.

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