CNC-controlled folding bench WAB

Stable welded construction
3 - 8 axes control
Extensive program

Tech Details

 WAB 2040WAB 2060WAB 2560WAB 25100WAB 30220WAB 37175WAB 37220WAB 30100
Max. Pressing capacity to406060100220175220100
Chamfer length, mm21002100260026003100376037603100
Clear distance between columns17001700220022002600325032502600
Ram stroke170275275275275275275275
Installation height mm387530530530550550550530
Table height above the corridor850900900900900900900900
overall length29003250375037504550490051004250
Total height23002750275028002850280029002800
Overall width16501960196019502250215022501950
Forward speed mm / sec.140200200200180180180200
Pressing speed mm / sec1714149,51110119,5
Reverse speed170165165155160135160155
main engine5,57,57,57,518,510117,5
Adjustable backgauge X-axis500500500800800800800800
weight kg3950565560506850115010950126007450
 WAB 30135WAB 30175WAB 40135WAB 40175WAB 40220   
Max. Pressing capacity to135175135175220   
Chamfer length, mm31003100410041004100   
Clear distance between columns26002600360036003600   
Ram stroke275275275275275   
Installation height mm550550550550550   
Table height above the corridor900900900900900   
overall length42504250510051005150   
Total height28002800280028503000   
Overall width20502150210021502250   
Forward speed mm / sec.200180200180180   
Pressing speed mm / sec1010101011   
Reverse speed120135120135160   
main engine1115111518,5   
Adjustable backgauge X-axis800800800800800   
weight kg86509450106501195013800   



- Stable welded construction

- 3 - 8 axes control

- Extensive program

Stable welded construction of the
Press frame, prevents a
Bending during the folding process
- The printing cylinders are made of high quality
high quality steel and precisely honed
with Heidenheim standards
- Hardened, chrome-plated and precision ground
- Hardened and ground ram feet lessons
- HOERBIGER hydraulic blocks
- Siemens electrics
- Standard table with T-slots
- Swiveling control panel
- Multifunctional foot switch (CE standard)
with push buttons
- Lateral protective grille with safety switch
- Protection at the rear with light barrier -
Leuze system
- Protection at the front by manual
Fiesler AKAS laser
- 2 axes back gauge with Mitsubishi
- Adjustment of the stop finger with
Precision bearings'
with an accuracy of ± 0.01 mm
- Upper tool Rolleri PS135.85
- Lower tool rolleri (die) M460R
Delem DA-58T graphical 2D touch screen
- 15 "TFT screen
- 2 1/2 representation of the bending part
- Compact ergonomic control panel
-Dialog 2D programming with determination
the bending sequence
- Help texts
- USD interface
- calculation functions
* Pressing force
* Bending tolerance
* Crowning
* Round bending calculation
* Developed length



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