Staying in exchange and learning from each other

We want to use this time to get closer to you - despite a safe distance - and stay in contact with you. Because it is important to us that our machine tools work optimally in your company and that you receive the best possible support and competent advice from us during the entire life cycle of the machines.
To support you directly and without complications, you will regularly find new and useful tips and tricks here - directly from the experts. We answer frequently asked questions and error messages from a large number of CNC and universal machines and present you with quick solutions. In each video, our expert explains in an understandable way how you can quickly find a solution to your problem. 
Quick help with control problems, programming problems and general operating questions.


What to do if the tool changer jams?


In the video there is a short, simple instruction how to reference the tool changer. It applies to machining centres 600 L / 800 L / 1100 L with the Siemens 828 control.
Our expert explains step by step how to avoid disturbances in your production. You will learn how to

  • move the tool changer to its starting position
  • reference the magazine

The solutions presented apply to our machining centres

WMC 600 L / 800 L / 1100 L

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Referencing Tool Changers - Machining Centers WMC 1100 / 1600