Easy Cut - a new generation of multi-purpose bandsaw blades from TRENNJAEGER®.

- Problem-free band selection
- Teeth-per-inch selection not necessary
- Wider range of application than conventional bandsaw blades
- Simply select belt size
- Unique, innovative patented tooth geometry
- Cuts structural steel, INOX, tool steel and non-ferrous materials, including plastics
- Easy ordering

We have named our new generation of multi-purpose bandsaw blades EasyCut for a very simple reason;
it makes sawing a wide range of materials really easy. Whether you're cutting ferrous or non-ferrous materials, solid
materials, tubes, profiles or bundles, Easy-Cut is the right band for you. You no longer have to
about teeth per inch, tooth type or set, just choose the belt to match the size of your workpiece - small, medium or
the size of your workpiece - small, medium and large. It's that simple. Why is it so simple? We have developed a
unique, innovative tooth geometry that allows for a much wider range of applications than conventional
geometries. This means that the same tooth cuts a wider range of materials and dimensions;

- You save money - You save time




TypeDimensionToothingOrder no.
TEBA 1001385x13x0,65S655426
TEBA 130/130 K1730x13x0,65S655373
TEBA 235 DG2710x27x0,9S655487
TEBA 260 DG / DGHA2880x27x0,9S555117
TEBA 260 A-NC M555118
TEBA 300 DG / DGHA3150x27x0,9S655422
TEBA 300 A-NC M655400
TEBA 362 GHA3660x27x0,9 S555137
TEBA 362 HA M555138
TEBA 330 DGHA 3870x34x1S555353
TEBA 380 DGHA4950x34x1S555276
TEBA 500 DGHA6040x41x1,3S555279
KV 403350/3-16S555244
KV 503880/3-16S555247
KV 603980/3-16S555234
KV 1004540/3-16S555237





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