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Band saws Trennjaeger

Are you looking for a workshop saw for single cuts or rather an efficient fully automatic band saw for industrial production?

In addition to steel, solid material and high-alloy steels (X-steels), our saws are also suitable for sawing synthetic resins, plastics and VA metals.

For processing profile frames, cutting bars, pipes and gratings.

Vertical band saws

Vertical metal bandsaws from Trennjaeger have

  • two speed levels in the ranges 20 - 85 m/min and 120 - 500 m/min (infinitely variable)
  • digital display for speed
  • Saw blade tension with spindle and handwheel
  • cutting width: 400-1,000 mm

Band saws column-guided manual/ HA

Horizontal bandsaws and semi-automatic bandsaw machines with miter cuts on both sides with:

  • a robust, extremely solid construction
  • high machine rigidity
  • high sawing performance

Column-mounted bandsawing machines

Fully automatic hydraulic bandsaws with straight cut and miter cut for processing panels, pipes, rods,...

Bandsaws with swivel frame manual / HA

Horizontal double miter bandsaws on one or both sides, manual or semi-automatic with bandsaw dimensions from 235 - 500 mm.

Automatic band saws with swivel frame

Fully automatic band sawing machines with a band sawing dimension of up to 300 mm. Ideal for aluminum sawing, also suitable as part of a production line.

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