Wide selection of Grinding Machines

Discover our wide range of surface grinding machines, cylindrical grinding machines, profile grinding machines and universal tool grinding machines, including CNC grinding machines with controls from Siemens, HEIDENHAIN and Fanuc.

Our industrial grinders guarantee precise results and high efficiency, whether it's metalworking or conventional grinding.

Find your ideal grinding machine for your requirements now at Maschinen Wagner.

CNC and cycle-controlled surface grinding machines

In the area of CNC surface grinding machines (also called horizontal surface grinding machines), we offer you a diverse selection with different grinding ranges such as grinding length (from 450 mm to 2,000 mm) and grinding width (from 215 mm - 675 mm) and performance features such as CNC-controlled grinding or cycle-controlled grinding.

Grinding machines for surface grinding metalworking are available from Wagner in 2-axis and 3-axis versions.

Profile grinding machines SMART series

The SMART types 2440 IV H/B-2480 IV H/B and 818 IV H/B to 1640 IV H/B are the perfect solution for grinding complex profiles and machining workpieces with difficult profile shapes, as well as general precision machining of tools, moulds, punches and dies, manufacturing of camshafts.  Fields of application:  Automotive industry; aerospace industry, medical technology, power engineering.

With 2 or 3 equilateral CNC controlled axes, with cross table or travelling column. Various grinding cycles: surface grinding, cross grinding, plunge-cut grinding as well as profile grinding. interlinkable. Grinding length: from 460 mm to 2,000 mm; spindle speed: range from 1,000-7,000 rpm.

Cylindrical grinding machines

Our cylindrical grinding machines with internal grinding device are used in metal grinding to grind cylindrical, conical or flat workpieces with high precision.

Typical areas of application: Production of machine components, tools, fittings, hydraulic parts, bearing and drive elements and in the automotive industry.

Machines Wagner CNC cylindrical grinding machines or internal cylindrical grinding machines offer a high degree of flexibility and are capable of machining a wide range of materials such as steel, ceramics and plastics.

Optionally with FANUC and Heidenhain control; With swing diameters 320-450 mm and grinding lengths from 600 - 1000 mm.

Tool grinder-grinders for tools

TheFCG 610 universal tool grinding machine from Maschinen Wagner is extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications: Sharpening and resharpening drills, milling cutters, thread cutters and other tools; grinding camshafts, crankshafts and other precision components.

In addition, the Maschinen Wagner FCG grinding machine is also suitable for the production of special tools and the machining of carbide tools.

Double-sided CNC tool grinding machine

The CNC double-sided tool grinding machine type Wagner FDG 700 is a powerful machine for the precise machining of tools.

The CNC-controlled tool grinding machine is suitable for a wide range of applications, e.g. grinding milling cutters, drills, reamers and other tools. It is particularly well suited for grinding flat and precision surfaces as well as for grinding workpieces with high plane parallelism.

It can also be used for machining various materials such as metals, plastics and ceramics.

Industries: Automotive industry, aerospace industry, mechanical engineering and tool manufacturing.

Due to its high precision and efficiency, the CNC-controlled grinding machine is particularly suitable for the production of tools in large quantities.