Wide Selection of Machining Centers

Our machining centres offer a wide range of applications, from the production of tools and fixtures to the manufacture of components for the automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics and marine industries.

Our wide range of machines includes CNC machining centres, 5-axis machining centres and vertical machining centres that can be configured to suit your needs.

With our CNC machining centres you can produce precise and complex parts that meet the highest quality standards.

Our machines are easy to operate (Siemens control, etc.) and offer high repeatability and process reliability. They enable our customers to increase their production efficiency and reduce their costs.

We offer you the possibility to configure your machine exactly according to your requirements to ensure that it fits perfectly to your production process.

We are always happy to assist you.

CNC Vertical Machining Centres

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and software, our CNC vertical machining centres can automate and optimise complex machining tasks. They offer high repeatability and process reliability, resulting in higher production output and efficiency.

Our CNC vertical machining centres can be configured as needed to meet our customers' requirements. They are equipped with powerful machine tools and control systems that ensure maximum precision and flexibility.

CNC Portal Machining Centres

Portal machining centres from Maschinen Wagner can be used for a wide range of applications including the manufacture of large parts such as ship hulls, aircraft parts, bridges and components for the wind energy industry.

They can also be used for precision machining of smaller parts such as gears, turbine blades and other components.


CNC moving column machining centres

Moving column machining centresare particularly suitable for applications that require high precision, a large machining area and flexible configuration due to their design and performance.

CNC moving column machining centres from Wagner are particularly suitable for machining large components up to a clamping surface of 6,500 mm. For CNC machining, we offer SIEMENS 828 D and Shopmill controls as well as Heidenhain 530 i controls.

Thanks to their robust construction and high performance, travelling column machining centres from maschinen Wagner are particularly suitable for heavy machining tasks (heavy cutting) up to 5,000 kg.

5-axis machining centre in gantry design / linearly guided

The5-axis concept in gantry design impresses with its high rigidity and stability. The basic structure (U-shaped) made of solid cast iron enables an even distribution of forces during machining and excellent accessibility to the working area.

With Siemens 828 DSL control, rotary table in the C-axis (360°) , machining of workpieces up to 3000 mm, 24-station double-arm tool changer and inline spindle with direct drive 10,0000 rpm.

Maschinen Wagner offers high quality machining centres with 3, 4 and 5 controlled NC axes. The CNC machining centres from Maschinen Wagner are used in many industries, such as tool and mould making, general mechanical engineering, medical technology or aerospace.

The use of CNC controls from Heidenhain or Siemens also guarantees high precision and reliability.

Maschinen Wagner is a supplier of a large portfolio of machining centres for 3-/4- and 5-axis machining.

The product range includes milling machines with a rotary/swivel table unit (VOWA range), machining centres with linear guides/flat guides in all axes (WMC series) ,as well as BAZ with a swivelling main spindle in conjunction with an NC rotary table (WMC 5 A series).