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Our CNC lathes and conventional lathes:

Horizontal lathes, center lathes, centre lathes, manual lathes, semi-automatic lathes, vertical lathes with self-loading workpiece spindle.


The cycle lathes in flatbed designwere specially designed for easy operation and are the optimal solution for machining standard parts. The advantages of the Wagner lathes: Particularly long workpieces from 1,000 mm up to 4,000 mm can be machined highly productively. Direct, simple programming on the NC machines makes extremely economical machining processes feasible. However, the electronic handwheels can also be used in the same way as a conventional lathe - the control can be used as a position indicator.

For the production of particularly heavy and large series, the compact monobloc bed machines of the WDR series are a highlight in heavy machining. Workpiece lengths from 1,000 mm to 12,000 mm with high drive powers ensure a stable machining process.  



A machining application using the inclined-bed method is always a good choice if you want to work dynamically in multiple machining cycles and precisely at the same time. This is the only way to achieve optimum rigidity.

Another advantage of the inclined-bed design is the free chip fall for dry machining, because the inclination of the inclined bed of the lathe at 45 degrees improves chip removal. For this purpose, chip conveyors and chip trolleys are included in the standard equipment of the Maschinen-Wagner series.

The WDST series offers particularly high rigidity in a compact form for heavy machining up to a swing diameter of 900 mm and a centre distance of 3,000 mm.


The universal lathes of our series have one thing in common: Modern style, yet simple and proven.

Thanks to the stable and compact design, series production is easily possible with centre heights of 180 to 490 mm and centre widths of up to 10,000 mm.

The conventional metal lathes are equipped either with gear steps in the DLC range or with 12 gear steps in large speed ranges. The special equipment of a 3-axis digital display offers great comfort - easy to learn and safe to operate.
Wagner-Maschinen offers an extensive stock of special accessories and components from renowned manufacturers for all universal lathes in addition to the comprehensive standard equipment. For your applications on workpieces of different materials such as steel, plastics and for various dimensions.