Trennjaeger metal band saws for professional production

Manual metal saws, semi-automatic band saws and fully automatic band sawing machines.

Our professional band saws are available directly from the manufacturer - with comprehensive service and remote maintenance. Convince yourself directly - a large assortment of stock machines is waiting for you in Renchen.  

Trennjaeger band saws in a large assortment:
Are you looking for a workshop saw for single cuts or rather an efficient fully automatic band saw for industrial production? 

Band saws for metal processing:
In addition to steel , solid material, high-alloy steels (X-steels), our saws are also suitable for sawing synthetic resins, plastics and VA metals. For processing profile frames, cutting bars, pipes, gratings. 

Cutting guide rails and roller guide rails:
Our range of sawing machines includes band saws for straight and mitre cuts as well as panel saws and block band saws.

You need a feeder/removal system for your professional metal saw production ? 

Our service will be happy to advise you on how to put it together. 

-> here you can find the roller conveyors and contact service

Column guided band saws from Trennjaeger have:

  • a robust, extremely solid construction
  • high machine rigidity
  • a very good vibration damping
  • very short cutting times
  • high sawing performance

Swing frame band saws from Trennjaeger have:

  • low space requirement and weight with high performance
  • stable cast saw frames, cast machine table, high machine rigidity
  • carbide-guided saw blades
  • high cutting speeds,
  • e.g. saw blade guides with guide rollers and hard metal plates

Vertical metal band saws from Trennjaeger have:

  • designed with two speed levels: in the ranges 20 - 85 m/min and 120 - 500 m/min (infinitely variable)
  • digital display of actual speed
  • saw band tensioning via a spindle with hand wheel
  • cutting width: 400-1000 mm
We offer:
  • Horizontal bandsaws
  • Automatic metal band sawing machines
  • Semi-automatic bandsaw machines with mitre cut on both sides
  • Cutting saws for cutting 3-D printed products via the adhesive process


We stock:
  • Horizontal bandsaws with mitre cut on one side
  • Horizontal bandsaws with mitre cut on both sides
  • Manual double mitre bandsaws with mitre cut on both sides
  • Automatic double mitre bandsaws with mitre cut on both sides
  • Fully automatic band saws with mitre cut on one side only

We offer:
  • Vertical metal bandsaws
  • Vertical block bandsaws
  • Vertical band saws
  • Vertical band saw machines with table feed